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Career histories and testimonies.



« I graduated from an engineering school, specializing in computer science. After leaving school, Hichem Elloumi (CEO) reached out to me and offered me a job. At the time, he told me that he ran a small startup but that he had big ambitions. I believed in him and his business, so we started to work together. In just 3 years, we went from 2 to 30 people. As with all startups, I had to be very versatile in the beginning, knowing how to do both frontend and backend development while simultaneously conducting interviews for new recruits. I really enjoyed the early days because they taught me a lot. That’s one of the advantages of working with a startup! I started out as a developer, became a project manager, and now, I’m a team leader. I currently manage a team of 9 people! On a day-to-day basis, I love working at Minotore. It’s exciting to be constantly confronted with new technical challenges, find solutions and come up with appropriate responses. More than that, I love the atmosphere in my team. I’ve been able to build friendships that are invaluable to me today.»

So, do you play foosball ?

« Yeah, I play, but I’m not very good at it (laughing). My colleagues and I have a good time playing together, and I’m trying to get better. Having said that, some of my colleagues are really talented! »


« I graduated from the School of Statistics and Information Analysis. I’ve been with Minotore right after my graduation. I began my career here with a 6-month internship. In the beginning, I worked in analytics (website audience analysis). I’ve really learned a lot over the first year, and the things that I’m doing today aren’t the things that I learned in school. In school, they often only teach you the basics. For example, before I started working here, I didn’t even know that web referencing existed, but now, it’s something that I really enjoy. I spend a lot of time reading and trying to learn more about it. At Minotore, I currently analyze customer requests and create tasks, making sure to include as many specifications and details as possible. This way, developers can find this information quickly and easily. »

So, do you play foosball ?

« Yes, of course I play! I give it my all (laughing). »



« I got a basic degree in multimedia computing. It provided me with versatile training, bringing together many multimedia skills, and I came to Minotore right after finishing school. That was in 2013. At the time, we were still in startup mode, and I was the only frontend developer. I was working on a bit of everything, one of the biggest advantages of working with a startup. After 2 years, I started to have more and more responsibilities. The Lyxor site project was a real turning point in my career. Today, I manage a team of 4 people. Now that I’m a manager, I love what I do on a daily basis. I like to train my colleagues; I do 30-minute training sessions teaching the “best practices” (code restructuring, guidelines for respecting source code, AngularJS…). The atmosphere within my team is great. I personally ensure that it’s inclusive, and we all work together, sharing our different skills. I find that level of cooperation to be a real asset. »

So, do you play foosball ?

« Yeah, I play! I lose most of the time though… (laughing) »

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