They trust us with their business.


Minotore-home-04_37 clarisse djabbari
Deputy Head Lyxor ETF

After working with several other service providers who failed to meet our needs, we turned to Minotore to help us create a multi-country website for Lyxor ETF. The Minotore team was deeply committed to our goals and was always able to resolve even our most complex issues. As a result, we were able to finish our web project in just one year.

We’ll be continuing our partnership with Minotore in 2016 to enhance our website’s functionality.

Minotore-home-04_35 michel da silva
Sales Large Retail – France

We’ve been working with Minotore Video for some time now, and we couldn’t be happier with the videos they’ve made for us.

When collaborating with them for our product campaigns, we’ve worked with professionals who are excellent listeners and who know how to pay attention to the details. They’ve greatly exceeded our expectations, even when faced with extremely tight deadlines.

I highly recommend Minotore Video team and will continue to work with them for our upcoming campaigns!

Minotore-home-04_39ALEX MATATIA COHEN

A partner targeting the Capital Markets with innovative database and software developments and, above all, a deep understanding of financial instruments, the challenges and the issues raised by both users and supervisors.

If I had to sum up their competitive advantage, it would probably be the enormous saving of time and money that their knowledge has brought to the definition and development of the targeted solutions.