A call for tenders
we’ve won!

The Challenge.

BNP Paribas is the leading bank in the European Union and a major international banking player.

BNP Paribas’ Structured Products marketing team launched a tender in 2020 for the production of 10motion design videos to present and explain a number of new structured products. The videos were intended for both the pre-transaction and post-transaction teams. Some of the videos had to be produced under tight deadlines.

The marketing team’s objective was to identify an agency that had a good understanding of the financial market and the mechanisms and scenarios of structured products.

The abilities to deliver quickly and produce videos in multiple languages were also two important prerequisites demanded by the client and offered by Minotore.

The Results.

Minotore’s video team has compiled an offer including:
  • A package for 10 videos in different languages.

  • The design of modern and original creative routes.

  • A Customized production process with a fast-track option.

  • The ability to reuse parts of previous videos to optimize costs.

  • A clear price list for identified requests: translation, updates , etc.
The team dedicated to structured products at BNP Paribas is now one of Minotore Video’s major clients!

Benoît Oldra

Head of Marketing, Communication and Events, BNP Paribas Global Markets, Paris
« What makes this collaboration particularly comfortable is their [Minotore’s] perfect understanding of how this fundamentally complex type of product works. This allows them to identify common elements and peculiarities from one product to another, in order to optimize the video production process and, ultimately, its cost. It also saves us time when making the videos, as we don’t have to explain the hows and whys of a particular animation as far as the financial mechanics of the products are concerned. And of course, it allows them to make relevant proposals. Minotore demonstrates a consistent desire to add value. »


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