Accelerating projects, more genericity in developments.

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The Challenge.

Inter Invest is a company specialized in the structuring, distribution and management of innovative investment solutions around three axes: tax exemption (Girardin law), Private Equity and Real Estate.

With the increase in its activity: a richer product offer and a growing clientele, Inter Invest needed more resources to strengthen its IT* Information Technology team and thus support its growth.

The Solution.

Minotore solution consisted in:
  • Providing qualified engineeers, with a one-month validation stage on a POC*Proof Of Concept defined by the customer.

  • Implementing a development environment equivalent to that of the client.

  • Supervising the team in Tunisia by the CTO*Chief Technical Officer of Minotore: in order to relieve the customer of the necessary explanations in each transfer of knowledge and to facilitate the project management on the spot.

  • Detailing the specifications and task breakdown: the objective is to converge the working methods towards a common process.

  • Advising on a generic code construction.

The Results.

Relyng on Minotore experience and resources has allowed Inter Invest to :

Accelerate: The implementation of new modules on an existing code, with a monolithic architecture which gathers both the front and back part.

Introduce Modularity and genericity in developments.

Gain in Robustness: Thanks, in particular, to test booklet drafted by Minotore team to list all the scenarios to be validated before any delivery.


Digital innovation for market finance.