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A Digital Transformation
Led By Minotore.


Database model


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Automatic reports

The Challenge.

iVesta is a family office that advises its clients on the investment and management of their assets. iVesta therefore tracks all data related to its clients’ investments. With the growth of its activity, iVesta needed an Information System (IS) to centralize the recording of this data, to set up controls and validation workflows and to automate the generation of various reports. This information system will allow the company to gain in scalability, while minimizing the risk of errors and freeing up more time for analysis and consulting.

The objective was to align with iVesta’s signature: “Our obsession: to save you time and money”.

The Solution.

  • An audit conducted by a team of financial experts to understand the various financial assets held by iVesta’s clients, the investment patterns followed, and the metrics calculated in the reports sent to clients.

  • The specification of the target solution, in terms of database model and administration system.

The Results.

Minotore, has managed to:
  • Build a database that replicates the investment patterns of iVesta’s clients.

  • Design an ergonomic administration console that will allow iVesta teams to use the database according to their needs.

  • Establish a migration process for existing data (from Excel to the new database).

  • Automate generation of reports.

  • A full Information System to gain in scalabilty and grow faster!
Christine Vu-thien

Christine Vu-thien

« Both in the reflection and in the development of our database, the Minotore teams were able to support us perfectly and adapt to all our specificities, with a great understanding of our challenges, relevant proposals and solutions and great agility. . Their in-depth knowledge of financial markets has been a great asset in creating a database that meets our needs. We have established a fluid and very professional relationship, which allows us to evolve with confidence in this project. »


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